Fortine Community Church

Our Mission: To know Jesus and make Him known in the Tobacco Valley

and around the world.


   Pastor Dennis and Lori Findorff welcome you to Fortine Community Church!  Their ministry in Fortine began May 1, 2018 after having served as pastor of the Chinook (Montana) Alliance Church for over nine years.  Prior to that they served in a Foursquare Church in Klamath Falls, Oregon for nine years, the last five of which Dennis was an assistant pastor.

   Pastor Dennis and Lori have been married for about 35 years and have no children.  They have lived most of their adult lives in Montana, but have also spent time in Oregon, Washington, and Indiana.  Pastor Dennis is a “third-career” pastor after having previously been a professional land surveyor and engineer as well as a college professor.  Lori is educated as a clinical Christian counselor and has served in numerous roles within the church.  They enjoy reading and camping in their free time. 

   Their love for the Fortine area (and Lincoln County) has been cultivated over the past decade during their summer vacations.  Now they are grateful to be able to call this beautiful area “home.”


    In the early 1900’s, homesteaders in the Deep Creek area recognized the need for Christian fellowship and began meeting in homes for Sunday School and church.  A number of denominations were represented, but all came together to worship God in one accord.

    In the 1930’s they moved to a one-room schoolhouse for several years.  The Fortine Community Church officially began January 1, 1943 at its current location.  It was well attended for many years and served as a sanctuary and meeting place until the night of January 9, 1962, when it caught fire.  A new church was built on the same grounds.  Over the years the structure has been renovated and amended to meet the needs of the ministry. 

    In the early 1980’s construction of a fellowship hall and kitchen was completed.  In 1990, a vision to turn the sanctuary around 180o came to pass and an amazing change took place.  In 1995 another addition provided room for a church office, nursery, large classroom, and entry area.

    Those things are basically a structural picture of the “church” in Fortine.  The true church is found in the strong faith and witness of the Christ followers who have faithfully attended, prayed for, volunteered with, and carried out the ministry of the Fortine Community Church over the years.

    Over the years, many have come through the doors of the church and received the call to the ministry as missionaries, pastors, and other roles in God’s kingdom.  Equally important, many have stayed in the community, working daily with their families, neighbors and friends, living life as God leads. Through the years, the doors of the Fortine Community Church have opened to all who seek, that they may find the grace given by God and the restoration available only through him.

   On January 1, 1944, the church became affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Records show it was incorporated September 13, 1946.  On January 5, 1975, Fortine Community Church became an “organized” church with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.